Posted by: Craig | April 25, 2008

Preparing to go onboard

The Fidelio is expected into Göteborg  today and I was warned this might happen, she’s not due at the pilot station until 11pm  tonight, due to a delay at her call into Bremerhaven.  After the pilotage, tying up and cargo preparation, I would think the majority of the 23 crew members might be able to retire to their cabins at about 0200. I have been advised to join the next morning.

Fidelio is due to sail from the port at 5pm Saturday so there will be a busy period turning the cargo around. The crew are likely to be busy and tired, and I wonder if the Swedes look at Göteborg as an opportunity to get ashore, though with only a few hours on Saturday morning it would be a fleeting visit.

So I’ll be staying the night here in Göteborg. This  then has not changed. Waiting at the port to join a ship, making the most of the time because once on the ship, there’s not gong to be a lot of opportunities to get ashore.




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