Posted by: Craig | April 26, 2008

Alcohol: An observation

Swedish seafarers and alcohol. Now this surprised me. But not for the reasons one might think if seeing those three words put together.

In bars, restaurants and supermarkets in Sweden low alcohol beer is readily available. (Stronger stuff, over 3.5% has to be bought from the state run off license, the Systembolaget rather than in a shop). Swedes socialise with a ‘Fika’ (they have a formal word for having a chat over a coffee), and often have a light beer with dinner.

I am told that on the Fidelio, there are no spirits allowed, and the crew can buy a maximum of two cases of beer a month, and can never have more than 0.2mmg alcohol in their blood stream. That’s fine, good. But why not bring the Swedish culture of  drinking light beer onboard?


I imagine I will now be lynched by the crew.



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