Posted by: Craig | April 26, 2008


Once the bustle of the cargo operations is over, all the visitors and cargo operations people have left. When it’s just the ships crew left onboard and the safety doors battened down, after the pilot has departed (having to climb over cargo to do so) and after the passage has begun.

Then life assumes the routine. It’s not that being at sea is simple, but when the wind starts whistling past the ship and the engines are at that steady quiet vibration, and while the ships may occasionally gently roll, then things feel better. I asked Ellinor and the third officer, Pär, and they both agreed to having that fleeting sense of quiet and longing for the straight forward routine to turn to as the ship heads out of the port.


We are due into Zeebrugge in the early hours of Monday morning. This works well for Ellinor as it covers her watch and also means there is a whole Sunday at sea.



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