Posted by: Craig | April 28, 2008


The Filipinos on board have a smile for everything, and they are the unbeaten karaoke kings of the sea. Ellinor and Pär have a good rapport with the crew during mooring stations, and they are keen to get the work done.

Even the bosun, who left the ship today to fly home after seven months, was still looking around and caring for the ship. After over half a year on the ship he will have five weeks off and then come back. When I go forward with Pär, I talk briefly with Dante. He’s 49. but has the energy of someone in their twenties. He chides Pär about not using the ship’s gym, which has everything one needs for a decent work out. Dante says he is in there six days a week. I have sailed with many Filipino crews, they are undoubtedly one of the largest seafaring nations today, and justifiably so, they have an ideal temperment for the work they do, and seem to be the biggest smilers on the planet



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