Posted by: Craig | April 29, 2008

Big Brother

Life onboard is like a floating Big Brother programme, there should be a social scientist on board to look at the working and social relationships, it would be fascinating. “The organisation on board is organic. If one person is weak and another strong, the roles may adapt to ensure the job gets done, this team work relationship in a demanding environment is what makes the people in the industry different,” said Captain Falkenberg

I see the officers here have a better grasp of the whole logistics chain than I ever had when I was a young officer. All the deck officers have had different experiences of coming to the industry. The fourth mate is new to the industry, but is a 42 year old ex magazine editor, the third mate, 29, became an AB before taking three years to get his ticket at Chalmers. Ellinor took a year out before doing her degree and becoming an officer. The mate came from Finland where he was trained, and subsequently got his certificates in Sweden, while the master came into the industry in his thirties.



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