Posted by: Craig | April 29, 2008

Bon Voyage Fidelio and thank you

The Fidelio is expecting to leave Southampton at 1800 to head for Halifax in Canada and then three ports on the US East coast. Some of the crew have plans to get ashore for a few hours to buy things. A common theme seems to be radio controlled cars which will be raced across the deck during the week long passage to Halifax.

Once the ship leaves Southampton, life will become a steady progression of twelve hour periods for those on watch, lengthened slightly on the evenings when the ships time is adjusted and routine days for the day workers who will focus on maintenance and cleaning, unpacking stores and making sure everything is shipshape. Me, I’m off to digest my thoughts about taking a short trip at sea for the first time in over a decade. Would I do it again, yes I would (but I think you’d have to pay me!)


Bon Voyage









  1. I see that Mr Craig Eason has sea and writing experience. So I give him very support in his thoughts about real life of those who spend life at sea. Our profession could be indeed a great profession if we had better support from those who stay behind the desk, i.e. from those ashore.


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