Posted by: Craig | April 29, 2008

Captain’s life: a paper world

“All the paper work, at first I got angry, but now I just resign myself to it.
One of the worst things is the different port entry reporting forms; It would help if IMO could actually get something done about this. The forms are all different and you end up doing them when you are tired or need to concentrate on getting the ship into the port.”



  1. What a wonderfully sensible idea to standardize paperwork. Better still, find ways to reduce it when much of it adds no value and technology such as AIS makes paper reporting redundant.

    Sadly, the IMO’s noble objectives are often undermined by powerful flag states e.g the USA.

    I am a former Wilhelmsen emplyee and these days I lecture to CSOs & SSOs in Australia. I would really like to have your thoughts on whether you feel that the ISPS Code is effectively enhancing your ship’s safety / security.


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