Posted by: Craig | May 10, 2008

Whales off the US east coast

New York came and went. It was mostly smooth but included a shifting where we had to stand by for about two hours in the mooring stations. Quite boring but the weather was fair so not much to complain about and we got a nice view of Manhattan and Liberty Island. The pilot we had on the way in was nice and probably one of the most liberal Americans I’ve ever met, even in the view of a European.  He was concerened about the increased security alert that affects not least the shipping industry. He told us this funny story about a guy who convinced the city of New York to paint the Verezano Narrow Bridge with Kevlar paint to make it bomb-proof. The City closed the deal and the guy earned $20 000 000. Like any paint could make a bridge bomb-proof!


My plan to go ashore to go shopping went without a hitch. I made it up to the mall well before lunch and came back to the ship in time for my watch. The guys who came along only endured half the time, but then men are kind of weak when it comes to shopping. Well, I got some nice new clothes to really good prices. It’s obvious that the dollar is standing low compared to the European currencies.


Now we are heading towards Baltimore, MD. Pilot boarded at 1600 this afternoon and we will go alongside around 0130 tonight, pilotage is compulsory all the way through Chesapeake Bay. The pilot tonight is also really nice which is good when he is onboard for such a long time, otherwise it easily get boring.


Otherwise life is going just as usual here onboard the Fidelio. We got in to the rhythm again of having a port every, or every second day. We just found out that they have added Charleston, SC, to our schedule. That will be our last port before we head back to Europe.


Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. When we were approaching New York we saw numerous whales, we believe it was black pilot whales. We had three of them coming as close as ten meters from the side of the ship. They can get as big as eight meters and weigh about 4 tons, but of course, compared to the ship and 30 meters up they still look quite small. But it’s really nice to see them playing in the water and see how graceful they are despite their size.




  1. I haven’t been back to my hometown, NYC, in almost a year… thanks for the updates!

    I just found this blog today but it’s very enjoyable indeed! Then again I might be biased considering you share the name of our 6 week old daughter.


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